About Beverley

Beverley Hailwood is a qualified naturopath with over 10 years of clinical and retail health shop experience.
She obtained her Diploma of Naturopathy through the Naturopathic College of New Zealand in 1999.

Since then Beverley has worked as an Instore Naturopath for Blackmores (NZ) Ltd, worked in a Tauranga health store for 10 years, and operated her own clinic since 2005.

Beverley favours the Theratest method of diagnosis, as it is extremely accurate, and the patient can see for themselves which areas of the body are not performing 100%.

Further qualifications she has obtained include:
* Theratest Body Diagnosis
* Blackmores Professional Postgraduate Celloid Course
* Quantum Reflex Analysis (QRA) Level 1
* BodyTalk Access Technician

Beverley is passionate about assisting her clients to better health using natural methods. She continues to study and research, furthering her knowledge and ability to improve the health and lives of her patients.

* Peppertree Clinic, Tauranga N.Z * Qualified Naturopath & Theratest Analyst * Nature's Sunshine Products * Blackmores Vitamins & Minerals
* MRI CMD Minerals, * Heavy Metal Detox * Homeobotanical & Bach Flower Remedies * Nutritional Advice
Peppertree Clinic 99B Ross Road Whakamarama, Tauranga Phone : (07) 552 4087