Theratest Machine:
Theratest is a means of diagnosis using the endpoints of the meridian lines on the fingers and toes. These lines have been used for thousands of years in the practise of Acupuncture.
During theratesting, a handpiece is held by the client while a probe is gently used to test each meridian endpoint. This gives an energy reading indicating the health and functioning of each organ along that particular line. Theratesting is easy and painless, and provides a complete picture of the overall health of your body.

Hair Mineral Testing:
Hair testing is a method of assessing mineral levels and the accumulation of toxic heavy metals in the body.
Toxic elements often found include mercury, cadmium, arsenic, lead, and barium.
Hair samples are excellent for use, as they are easy and non-invasive to obtain, and provide a unique 'window' into the health of the body during the time of hair growth.
The sample is taken from hair close to the nape of the neck, and sent to a laboratory for accurate testing. A report is provided showing mineral and heavy metal status, and including recommendations to improve your health.

Dietary / Nutritional Advice:
The patient's dietary habits are discussed, and suggestions for improving health and energy are offered. Occasionally, the avoidance of gluten containing products or dairy foods can make a huge difference to a patients health and wellbeing.
Suggestions may include increasing vegetables, wholegrains, and fruit, whilst reducing sugar intake. Many people also benefit from increasing their daily intake of water.
Bach Flower Remedies:
The use of flower remedies was developed by Doctor Edward Bach in the 1930s.
Bach flowers do not treat physical complaints directly, instead they work by treating the negative emotional state which provoked or aggravates the condition.
There are 38 different remedies, each works on a different negative emotion to create emotional balance. The remedies are selected based on the emotions a person is feeling at the time e.g. depression, anger, fear, loneliness. Up to 6-7 remedies can be used at one time.

Homeopathic Remedies:
Homeopathic remedies are a method of treatment based on the law of similars, 'like cures like'. The diluted remedies are selected for their match to the same set of symptoms that the pure substance would elicit.
Homeopathy is free from side effects, and safe for use by anyone.
Vitamin / Mineral Herbal Supplements:
These nutrients are essential for the biochemical processes of the body to function correctly.
Most vitamins and minerals are only required in trace amounts, but all of them rely on certain levels of other minerals for absorption and use within the body. Many people assume they can obtain all their nutrients from a healthy diet, however, it is well known that New Zealand soil is severely deficient in many minerals including selenium, zinc, boron, and magnesium.
Many nutrients also require a healthy functioning digestive system in order for them to be properly digested and absorbed, any digestive disturbance can lead to a deficiency or imbalance of vitamins and minerals in the body. The quality of nutritional supplements can vary greatly, therefore it is recommended that you take a high quality supplement in order to maximise absorbtion and use of the nutrients contained in it.

Due to the abundance of environmental toxins in our food, water, and air, and modern over processing of food, we are all at risk of becoming overloaded with heavy metals and chemical residues.
These cause congestion, degeneration, and premature aging. The detoxification processes of our body are constantly working to rid the body of these substances, but often the system becomes overloaded and the detox processes cannot keep up. This results in illness ranging from mild to severe.
A detox programme can be designed for your individual goal, which may be to detox heavy metals, or to cleanse and rejuvenate the liver and bowel. A detox programme will generally include herbs and minerals to assist the cleansing organs, and dietary alterations for the duration of the detox.

Bodytalk Access:
This technique stimulates the body's own ability to regain and maintain a healthy balance.
The body has an innate (inborn) ability to heal itself at all levels. Bodytalk works with the innate wisdom to re-establish the communication network between the physical parts and physiological processes of the body, so that the innate healing ability is able to do its job.
Bodytalk Access consists of 5 general basic BodyTalk techniques which involve gentle tapping by the practitioner on the clients head and over the heart complex. Health improvements may be instant or gradual, and may benefit both mental and physical symptoms, sometimes with amazing results.

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